Chillagoe, Undara, Gobbold Gorge

Browse the old mining town of Chillagoe, explore the famous lava tubes of Undara and natural hidden oasis in the middle of the outback. The Chillagoe-undara-gorge tour will leave you nothing short of amazed.


An old mining town from the 1870s, Chillagoe is rich in history. Visit the beautiful cemetery or the Chillagoe-Montana National Park to see the limestone caves, stalactite and stalagmite formations and some ancient Aboriginal rock art.


Found on the McBride Plateau, Undara is famous for the Lava Tubes. A cave system that stretches over 160 kms. You can take a guided tour through the caves or there are several walking trails above ground.

Gobbold Gorge

A natural oasis hidden in the middle of the outback.This area can only be seen on a tour. Something you see in magazines, crocs sunning themselves in the river banks and turtles splashing about. Well worth a look!

Cobbold Gorge Bridge
Adels Grove – Canoeing
Normanton Railway Station
Heritage listed railway station for the Gulflander line

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