Savannahlander Gulf Savannah Tour

Trains of the Gulf Savannah – Queensland

Unforgettable adventures aboard iconic trains of the Gulf Savannah region. Experience the Gulflander Train, Savannahlander Train, 1950 Peckett Steam Train or the Kuranda Scenic Railway in Far North Queensland.

Trains of the Gulf Savannah – Far North Queensland

There are four iconic trains in the Gulf Savannah region located in Far North Queensland, Australia. Train lovers can experience a variety of different trains within this region. Cairns is the gateway to most of the trains – although there are extended trips which can start in Brisbane.

Gulflander Journey Through Queensland’s Gulf Savannah

Embark on a nostalgic ride through Queensland’s Gulf Savannah aboard the Gulflander, a heritage train. Explore diverse landscapes from Normanton to Croydon, encountering rich flora, fauna, and indigenous culture. Capture stunning Gulf Country sunsets and delve into Australia’s rail history, creating cherished memories.

Savannahlander Adventure in the Australian Outback

Discover the raw beauty of the Australian Outback on the Savannahlander Train. Traverse remote landscapes, encounter native wildlife, and engage with outback communities. Experience a nostalgic rail journey in vintage carriages, evoking the charm of a bygone era, promising an authentic Australian adventure.

1905 Peckett Steam Train: A Journey Back in Time

Step into history aboard the 1905 Peckett Steam Train. Experience the elegance of early 20th-century rail travel, winding through picturesque valleys and rivers. Engage with knowledgeable guides, and delight in the steam engine’s sights and sounds, creating a memorable family-friendly adventure.

Kuranda Scenic Railway: A Tropical Paradise Exploration

Embark on a lush rainforest journey aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Witness cascading waterfalls, explore Kuranda Village’s cultural delights, and immerse in indigenous heritage. Capture the vibrant biodiversity of Tropical North Queensland while relishing the charm of the Australian rainforest.

Visitors are drawn to the region’s natural beauty and numerous attractions, including the Kuranda Scenic Railway, the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park, the Mareeba Wetlands, and the popular waterfalls circuit. It is well worth a visit to Kuranda. Best known for the Kuranda Skyrail, the world’s longest gondola cableway takes you a 90-minute, 7.5km journey through and over some of the most beautiful natural rainforests. There is also the Kuranda Scenic Railway, travel on the historic train to Barron Gorge National Park for beautiful views of the sea and Cairns coastline. While in Kuranda, enjoy the markets, butterfly sanctuary, and an abundance of places to eat. Why not do a package with the best of Far North Queensland, scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef and visit Kuranda via the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and then return by the Kuranda Scenic Railway?

Enjoy a Train Tour in the Gulf Savannah, the ideal way to explore this unique and beautiful region that offers visitors to the Cairns region a chance to experience the natural beauty and diverse culture of Far North Queensland.

Normanton Railway Station Gulf Savannah Tour
Heritage-listed railway station for the Gulflander line
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