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The Gulf Savannah is nothing short of amazing and if you have a love of fishing, Karumba will not disappoint. A small town, nestled on the coast of the far North, is a haven for fishing lovers. Described as where savannah outback meets sea, Karumba also offers unique mud crab and croc tours to take.

Karumba & Normanton, Gulf Savannah region

Experience the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture of Karumba and Normanton, two charming towns nestled along the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland, Australia. Karumba, renowned for its stunning sunsets over the azure waters, beckons with world-class fishing and laid-back coastal vibes. Meanwhile, Normanton captivates visitors with its rich history, highlighted by the iconic Gulf Savannah Railway and the legendary ‘Big Things’ – the Big Barramundi and Big Crocodile. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of these coastal communities, where outback hospitality meets coastal adventure, promising an unforgettable journey through the heart of Australia’s Gulf Country.


Karumba, an industrial port nestled on the banks of the Norman River, is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Beyond its bustling wharves and barramundi farms, Karumba offers a glimpse into its maritime heritage with a prawn processing plant and the MMG Century Mine loading facility. Overlooking the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, the town boasts modern amenities including a four-star motel, inviting caravan parks, and charming cafes. Don’t miss the chance to unwind at the Sunset Tavern, where panoramic views across the mouth of the Norman River set the scene for unforgettable sunsets. Thrill-seekers can embark on Mud Crab and Croc tours, exploring the region’s rich ecosystem in style.


Normanton, steeped in history and character, beckons travelers with its iconic Gulflander railway, a historic link to the gold rush town of Croydon. Once a bustling port during the Croydon Gold Rush, Normanton now serves as a gateway to the Gulf Country, offering a strategic stopover for those venturing into the region. Located 2086 km northwest of Brisbane, the town is a testament to the pioneering spirit of the outback, with its rich heritage waiting to be uncovered by intrepid explorers. It is 679 km west of Cairns and 849 km west of Townsville. This area is a great stop over for tours in the region.

Burke & Wills Last Camp

For history buffs and adventure seekers alike, a pilgrimage to the Burke & Wills Last Camp is a must. Just 36 km southwest of Normanton, this poignant site marks the final northern camp of the ill-fated 1860-61 Burke and Wills expedition. It is a 1.5-km drive into the bush to the spot which is marked by plaques that read: “This monument marks the site of Camp No: 119 of the 1860-61 Burke and Wills expedition occupied on Saturday 9 February 1861 by Robert O’Hara Burke, William John Wills, John King and Charlie Gray. On Sunday 10 February Burke and Wills left on the attempted journey to the Gulf of Carpentaria returning on Tuesday 12 February. Follow the signposted trail into the bush, where plaques stand as solemn reminders of the expedition’s tragic end. Step back in time as you reflect on the courage and resilience of explorers Robert O’Hara Burke, William John Wills, John King, and Charlie Gray, whose journey into the heart of the Australian outback remains etched in history.

Gulf Savannah Country
Gulf Savannah Country
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