Boodjamulla National Park

Boomdjamulla is one of Queensland’s most scenic national parks, based in the Shire of Burke. Explore picturesque Lawn Hills Gorge, soak in the magic of the surrounding landscapes or check out one of the many walking tracks.

Boodjamulla National Park, Gulf Savannah, Queesnland

Nestled deep within the rugged landscapes of Queensland’s remote outback lies a hidden gem: Boodjamulla National Park. Its name, derived from the local indigenous language, translates to “Rainbow Serpent Country,” a fitting moniker for this enchanting oasis of emerald waters and dense forests.

For the adventurous souls seeking a getaway off the beaten path, Boodjamulla National Park offers an unparalleled experience. Spanning an impressive 28,200 hectares, this pristine wilderness is a haven for 4WD enthusiasts and those yearning for a digital detox amidst the untamed beauty of nature. Located just 10km from the awe-inspiring Lawn Hill Gorge, Adels Grove provides a convenient base camp for explorers, situated a mere 50km from the world-renowned Riversleigh Fossil Fields.

Traverse the park’s diverse terrain on foot along seven captivating walking trails, ranging from leisurely strolls to more challenging hikes. Meandering along the length of the Lawn Hill Gorge, these trails offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes, providing ample opportunities for nature lovers to immerse themselves in the park’s rich biodiversity. Alternatively, embrace the serenity of the gorge from a different perspective by hiring a canoe and navigating its tranquil waters at your leisure.

Boodjamulla National Park is a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a staggering array of fauna and flora. With over 200 species of birds gracing its skies and the gorge itself teeming with life, including over 20 species of fish, 12 species of frogs, and 3 species of turtles, every moment spent in this pristine wilderness is a testament to the remarkable resilience of nature. Fear not, for the park’s resident Australian freshwater crocodiles are of the non-man-eating variety, adding a touch of excitement without compromising safety.

As you venture deeper into Boodjamulla National Park, you’ll be enchanted by the kaleidoscope of colors and textures that define its landscape. With over 800 species of flora scattered across the park, from delicate wildflowers to towering eucalyptus trees, every step unveils a new wonder waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking solace in nature’s embrace or embarking on a thrilling adventure, Boodjamulla National Park promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Queensland’s untamed wilderness.

Gulf Savannah

Rock formations on the Gulf Savannah Way

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