7 Amazing Kid-Friendly Activities in The Gulf Savannah

3 June 2024

The Gulf Savannah in Northern Queensland is a vast, enchanting region that offers a wealth of family-friendly activities. With its mix of natural wonders, historic sites, and unique wildlife, it’s an ideal destination for families seeking adventure and fun. From exploring lava tubes and swimming in waterfalls to discovering ancient rock art, here’s a guide to the best kid-friendly activities in the Gulf Savannah, including a special highlight on Kinrara.

1. Undara Volcanic National Park: Exploring Lava Tubes

A visit to the Undara Volcanic National Park is a must for families. The park is home to one of the longest lava tube systems in the world, offering a unique geological experience. Kids will love exploring the vast, underground passages with a guided tour that brings the ancient volcanic landscape to life, making it a must-see on our list of kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Guided lava tube tours, bushwalking, wildlife spotting.
  • Highlights: The Wind Tunnel and Archway Explorer tours are particularly suitable for families, providing an exciting and educational experience.
  • Facilities: The Undara Experience offers a range of accommodation options, including converted railway carriages, and a restaurant, making it a convenient stop for families.

2. Cobbold Gorge: Adventure and Relaxation

Cobbold Gorge, near Georgetown, is another fantastic destination for families. This stunning gorge offers a mix of adventure and relaxation, with activities that cater to all ages.

  • Activities: Boat tours, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming.
  • Highlights: The boat tour through the narrow gorge is a thrilling experience, allowing families to marvel at the towering sandstone cliffs and spot freshwater crocodiles.
  • Facilities: The Cobbold Gorge Village provides comfortable accommodation, a swimming pool, and a restaurant, ensuring a comfortable stay for families.

3. Kinrara: A Hidden Gem for Families

Kinrara, located southwest of Undara, is a hidden gem in the Gulf Savannah. This working cattle station offers a unique blend of adventure, education, and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for families and on our list of kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Horse riding, cattle station tours, bushwalking.
  • Highlights: Kids will love the hands-on experiences, such as feeding animals and learning about life on a cattle station. The guided horse rides provide a fantastic way to explore the beautiful landscapes.
  • Facilities: Kinrara offers comfortable, family-friendly accommodation and hearty meals, ensuring a welcoming and homely atmosphere.

4. Atherton Tablelands: Waterfalls and Wildlife

Before heading deeper into the Gulf Savannah, a stop at the Atherton Tablelands is highly recommended. This region is known for its lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. This is a must-visit destination on our guide of kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Swimming, wildlife spotting, rainforest walks.
  • Highlights: Millaa Millaa Falls, Josephine Falls, and the Curtain Fig Tree are all must-see attractions that kids will adore. The region also offers plenty of opportunities to see platypus and tree kangaroos in the wild.
  • Facilities: Numerous family-friendly accommodations and picnic spots are scattered throughout the region, making it easy to plan a day of exploration.
Kid-Friendly Activities in The Gulf Savannah

5. Croydon: Stepping Back in Time

The historic town of Croydon provides a fascinating glimpse into Queensland’s gold rush era. With well-preserved heritage buildings and engaging activities, it’s a great stop for families and a wonderful addition to our list of kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Heritage walks, visiting historic sites, picnicking.
  • Highlights: The Croydon Historic Precinct includes the old police station, courthouse, and other heritage buildings that bring history to life. Lake Belmore, just outside town, offers a lovely spot for a family picnic and a swim.
  • Facilities: Croydon has basic facilities, including a visitor information center, where you can learn more about the town’s history and plan your visit.

6. Normanton: A Touch of Quirkiness

Normanton, known for its quirky attractions and rich history, is a charming town that kids will enjoy exploring. Take a look at what you can do making this a one of our kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Visiting historic sites, seeing the Gulflander train, fishing.
  • Highlights: The life-size statue of Krys the Crocodile, the largest saltwater crocodile ever caught, is a must-see. A ride on the historic Gulflander train from Normanton to Croydon is an unforgettable experience.
  • Facilities: Normanton offers a range of accommodations and dining options, ensuring a comfortable stay for families.
Karumba-Sunset-in-mangrove Gulf Savannah Tour

7. Karumba: Coastal Fun

The coastal town of Karumba is perfect for families looking to enjoy the sea and the unique wildlife of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It’s a wonderful location, and the perfect addition to our list of kid-friendly activities in The Gulf Savannah.

  • Activities: Fishing, birdwatching, sunset tours.
  • Highlights: The Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre offers interactive exhibits and opportunities to learn about this iconic fish. A sunset tour along the coast provides stunning views and the chance to spot marine wildlife.
  • Facilities: Karumba has a variety of family-friendly accommodations and eateries, making it an excellent base for exploring the Gulf.

The Gulf Savannah is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities, offering a mix of adventure, education, and relaxation. From the geological wonders of Undara and the rugged beauty of Cobbold Gorge to the hands-on experiences at Kinrara and the coastal charms of Karumba, there’s something for everyone and an extensive range of kid-friendly activities in the Gulf Savannah. Pack your bags, gather the family, and set off on an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Gulf Savannah. Ready to explore? Join a Gulf Savannah Tour today to experience these locations and more firsthand!